Laser Marking Services

Innotech Laser offers the latest in Laser Marking technology, and utilizes the most advanced systems to provide the highest quality in the permanent marking and branding of products. Our Laser Marking operation employs many different laser systems including CO2, Fiber and YAG lasers to deliver the highest detail and quality available on nearly any material. Whether your application involves large volume production, or just a handful of components, we are organized to accommodate your project with unmatched results. Contact us today to discuss your specific laser marking application, and our team will assist in guiding you through the process.

Laser Marking is a noncontact process used for changing the surface of a material object. Laser marking can be used to mark and identify many plastics, where the laser is used to create a color change in the material. Similar to the color change in plastic, the process of annealing is used on many metals such as stainless steel and titanium to create a change in color of the laser marked area. These are two cases where there is no material loss, below are two laser marking options that do remove material.

Laser Etching is the process in which you vaporize material from the surface of a part; this process is done mostly on coated parts such as anodized aluminum, powder coating and painted parts.

Laser Engraving is the process by which the laser is used to remove material and create depth to the mark on the part.

We offer laser marking services across the U.S. from New Jersey and New York City, all the way to Los Angeles.