Laser Marking, Cutting, and Engraving Machines for Schools and Universities

10470892_912283038801493_1322297612479981048_nAt Innotech Laser, we provide universities with the access they need to purchase laser systems and digital printers.

Lasers are an invaluable resource to college-level classrooms. They can be used for a variety of applications, including the development of prototypes and experimental setups. The lasers our manufacturers offer are capable of cutting a number of materials, from paper, cardboard, and wood, to synthetic materials like plastics, polystyrene, film, foil, and more.


Innotech Laser is proud to connect universities across the nation with superior laser manufacturers:

  • Universal Laser Systems Inc.: Innovators in laser engraving, laser cutting, and laser marking, with models designed to make laser processing more effective, productive, and educational.
  • Tykma Electrox Laser: Laser marking systems for classrooms exploring the automotive, medical, and general engineering industries.
  • Bofa Fume Extractors: Reliable, high-quality fume extraction units for labs. They also cater to classrooms with a focus on laser, electronic, mechanical engineering, printing, dental, medical, or pharmaceutical needs.
  • Direct Color Systems: Small-format, direct-to-substrate UV LED inkjet printers and solvent inkjet printers capable of printing on plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramic tile, and vinyl.
New laser setup for Drexel University’s Westphal CoMAD students and faculty. 2 X VLS660 Universal Lasers

New laser setup for Drexel University’s Westphal CoMAD students and faculty. 2 X VLS660 Universal Lasers


The lasers offered by our manufacturers can improve the standards of your classrooms and help your students excel in the career path of their choice. Inspire the minds at your university with an array of laser application capabilities; art and design projects are made simpler; fabrication labs can now easily make models, prototypes, and more.



Innotech Laser is proud to offer quality laser products to universities across the nation in an effort to provide more unique opportunities to students. Enhance your campus and help your students achieve greatness. Call us today to purchase a laser system for your school.