Laser Marking Software

Intuitive. User-Friendly.
Minilase™ Pro SE laser marking software is so simple, you can train yourself.
Program and create laser marking files in just a few short minutes.

Minilase™ Pro SE runs on Windows XP, 7 and 8 Professional 64-Bit. Installing the laser marking software is easy and only takes a few short minutes. Once installed the software automatically detects the USB connection to your laser marking system and you are ready to program.

Basic marking file creation is simple with Minilase™ Pro SE. Quickly create marking files with text, barcodes, 2D codes and a variety of graphic formats such as DXF, AI, PLT, Bitmap and JPEG. Minilase™ Pro SE even features CAD type tools, allowing you to draw your own graphics and manipulate complex DXF and PLT files. Automated date coding and serialization capabilities are also included. A pre-programmed materials library takes the guess work out of setting up laser marking parameters

Powerful and Robust, Our Laser Marking Software Offers Advanced Customization and Control Capabilities.

  • Minilase™ Pro SE Laser Marking Software combines a user-friendly interface with advanced capability for customization and external controls.
  • Control up to 2 external axes, such as XY tables, focal height adjustment and rotary. Utilize discreet I/O, Ethernet or serial communications for external handshaking with a variety of databases, PLC’s, etc.


Custom Laser Marking Software Interfaces and Solutions

  • When our standard software package isn’t enough, let TYKMA create a custom software interface from scratch. Completely designed to your specifications!
  • Custom interfaces enable advanced network data retrieval, detailed photographic part fixture instructions and displays, operator restrictions and password protections, data entry via barcode scan and more.
  • Our custom solutions not only handle complex operations but make it easier for everyone to be more productive, from the programmer to the operator.



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