Direct part marking on medical devices and implants can be challenging. We offer solutions by providing the highest quality marking for longevity and readability of both human readable as well as machine readable UDI information. Our team understands the strict mandates put in place by the FDA. We have QA processes in place to ensure data is accurate and verified by our vision systems.

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Our industrial printing capabilities create a permanent, durable option for printing on rigid substrates with crisp lines and clean text, in bright white, black, full color, and clear. Our UV LED printers cure instantly and provide superior longevity both indoors and out, resisting UV light damage and wear and tear. These printing techniques are ideally utilized for everything from instrument panels, electronic enclosures, audio instruments, dial faces, serialization, barcoding, QR coding, and more.

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We offer durable custom identification products used in a wide range of applications for a wide range of industries, including nameplates, ID plates, labels and equipment panels.

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Stay active and hydrated with customized drinkware! With rotary and custom-built stationary fixtures for cylindrical printing and laser marking we can print anything from a small logo to a large seamless piece that wraps around a substrate’s curved surface. We can print on virtually any cylindrical object like bottles, tumblers, growlers, glasses, and more!

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Let’s cook up something fun! Laser mark logos, your unique brand message, and high-quality imaging from our expert laser engraving technicians onto pots, pans, kettles, and more.

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Promotional Items and Corporate Gifting

Whatever you’re promoting, we can print your design or logo large or small, and at any capacity production. Stand out with custom promotions on almost any item you can think of, including; cups, bottles, speakers, headphones, toys, notebooks, and more!

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Our electronic components identification and electronic part marking services are second to none. We will make sure all of your critical equipment features detailed direct part markings for future reference.

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From custom printed rolling trays, metal herb grinders to glass chillum one-hitters and plasma arc lighters, our expert technicians will ensure that your cannabis dispensary or smoke shop offers only the hard-hitting items.

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Who doesn’t love a little glam? We can work together to make your adornments sparkle with laser-etched accents, bold laser-cut shapes, or engraved details.


We work pet brands large and small on their fulfillment needs. Whether it is digitally printing or laser engraving personalized collars, pet identification tags or food & water bowls, we make sure to provide your furry friends with customized necessities at high volumes and affordable prices.


Come to us with your concept and we will make it real! We’ve worked with a variety of creatives, including street artists, art installation designers, craftspeople, and conceptual artists to put their ideas into motion with the possibilities that laser processing and UV printing bring to their projects. We can work with a large selection of materials and processes that will best suit your unique project, whether it’s laser-etched illustrations, custom textured prints, or final finishes with laser-cut details.

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Whether your application involves large volume production, or just a handful of components, we are organized to accommodate your project with unmatched results. Contact us today to discuss your specific laser application, and our team will assist in guiding you through the process.

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