Printing Services

Innotech Laser offers fast, reliable, high quality printing services. Our facility is always updating to the most state of the art printing systems and marking techniques to provide our customers with the best quality printing available. With our extensive experience, Innotech Laser can determine the best printing method for your application. We currently offer our clients the following services:

Direct to Substrate Digital Printing

Digital printing can be done on flat and irregular surfaces. With UV curable inks, any image can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces in large and small volume production.

Pad Printing

The advantage to pad printing is that ink can be transferred to irregular three-dimensional surfaces because the silicone pad wraps around the part adapting to its particular shape without distorting the image.

Screen Printing

The advantage to using screen printing technology is that you can print 360 degrees around a cylindrical shape in one application. You can print items as small as a lipstick container and as large as a 5 gallon pail.