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For over 20 years Innotech has the vast experience of producing quality results in the laser etching, marking, cutting, engraving, printing, and UV printing sector. We proudly serve the whole state of Rhode Island including Providence, Pawtucket, Fall River, New Bedford, Warwick, and Cranston.

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At Innotech Laser we have helped many small, medium, and large businesses with our reliable, high-quality, and fast custom printing and laser engraving services. We always aim for perfection and excellence in our customer service. We specialize in laser etching, marking, cutting, engraving, printing, and UV printing services for all your business needs.

We offer a full range of laser engraving and UV printing services and we can laser mark or print any material you need. Innotech will laser engrave or print objects for any purpose and handle laser engraving and print jobs of all sizes and scales, even any large-volume production. We are suited to handle all your laser engraving needs and we will provide you with all the  information you can ever want.

We can engrave any object/material;

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Learn more about the industries we work with and how we can help you! And we offer laser etching, marking, cutting, engraving, printing, and UV printing services for businesses in other major areas in Providence, Including Pawtucket, Fall River, New Bedford, Warwick, and Cranston.

Laser marking is a popular method used for permanently marking or engraving various materials with high precision and durability. It utilizes laser technology to create marks, logos, serial numbers, barcodes, or other designs on the surface of an object.

Laser marking involves using a laser beam to heat or vaporize the surface of the material, which causes a color change or physical alteration. The laser beam is controlled by a computer system that guides it along the desired pattern or design. The material’s surface absorbs the energy from the laser, resulting in a permanent mark.

Laser marking is commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, and jewelry. It offers several advantages over traditional marking methods, such as its ability to create intricate designs, high accuracy, non-contact nature, and permanence of the marks.

In Virginia Beach, we cater to specific industries or provide services for a wide range of materials. Some common applications of laser marking include:

  1. Product Identification: Laser marking is used to engrave serial numbers, model numbers, part numbers, and other identification codes on products. This helps with tracking, traceability, and anti-counterfeiting efforts.
  2. Branding and Logo Marking: Laser marking allows businesses to engrave their logos, brand names, or other branding elements on their products. This helps with brand recognition and marketing efforts.
  3. Personalization and Customization: Laser marking enables the customization of products by engraving personalized messages, names, or designs on items like jewelry, trophies, promotional items, and gifts.
  4. Barcodes and QR Codes: Laser marking is used to create high-quality and durable barcodes or QR codes on products or packaging for efficient inventory management, tracking, and scanning purposes.

If you are specifically looking for laser marking services in Virginia Beach, we can help.