Class 4 Laser Integrators

Class IV Fiber Laser Marking Machines

This CDRH Class IV laser marking machine is for integration into existing workstations or directly onto an assembly line for marking applications. CMS Laser will guide your purchase beginning with a free in-house sample analysis to select the best laser and optics for your specific process.

Our laser machines in a CDRH Class IV configuration are for integration into existing systems or assembly lines for on-the-fly marking or cutting applications. The laser machine can mark a wide variety of materials, such as steel, titanium, thin films, and some plastics.

To safely operate this machine, the customer is responsible for all safety measures needed for Class IV operation. CMS Laser will provide the appropriate guidelines for each customer to safely integrate this machine.

System Features:

  • Class IV Laser Source available in all laser wavelengths on the market—Infrared (fiber), Ultraviolet, Green, and Ultrafast Lasers
  • All laser wattages available on the market—based on applications lab testing results.
  • High-precision galvanometer scan head and safety laser shutter
  • Optional cabinet for laser controller and I/O devices and signals
  • Optional air-conditioning unit addon for cabinet enclosure
  • CMS Laser controller with monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • CMS LaserGraf5 software with Windows® 10 64-bit operating system



Lasers can be used for many types of applications, such as marking, cutting and drilling of various materials. Our laser machines can be configured for on-the-fly marking of parts on conveyor lines or attached to robots for full control. Standalone operation for processing stationary parts is possible with this laser machine but with recommended safety precautions. Our laser applications lab will perform a free sample testing study to determine if your desired process is feasible before proceeding with a purchase.

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