The ILS12.75 is a free-standing platform with a materials processing envelope of 48″ x 24″ x 12″ or 13,824 in³ (1219mm x 610mm x 305mm or 226,795 cm³). The single laser platform supports either one 10.6µm CO2 laser (10 to 75 watts) or one 9.3µm CO2 laser (30, 50 or 75 watts).

The ILS series, our largest platforms, is ideal for businesses that need high productivity or process large objects. The ILS laser platforms feature work areas up to twice as large as the largest PLS or VLS platforms, and a patented, true Class 4 material pass-through mode is available for safe processing of objects of unlimited length. Factory-ready features like the automation interface allow a properly configured ILS laser platform to serve as either a standalone production solution or to be an integrated component of an automated assembly line.

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