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PCB Cutting System with UV Laser

Cleanly cut printed circuit boards with precision using ultraviolet lasers and machine vision .

CMS Laser’s standard UV laser depaneling system configuration features a water-cooled ultraviolet laser with through the optics vision (TTOV) and an XY table for high precision cutting of PCBs. CMS Laser’s depaneling systems are popular for their non-charring cutting process. 

Using specialized fixtures and machine vision, intricate boards can be cut with extremely tight tolerances. Perfect for microelectronics and medical device manufacturers. 

System Features:

  • Ultraviolet laser cutting source with XY table
  • TTOV machine vision for high-speed locating of board fiducial markings
  • Manual loading and unloading of fixture plates
  • Specialized fixture plates designed for your specific board layouts
  • Overall design features are dependent upon customer requirements
  • Welded steel frame with aluminum paneling for long-lasting industrial use
  • Ergonomic arm with monitor, keyboard, and mouse or touchscreen display
  • CDRH Class I laser workstation with emergency stop push button
  • CMS LaserGraf5 software with Windows® 10 64-bit operating system
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