Control Micro Systems

PCB Marking Systems

Laser mark data matrices, serial numbers, and logos onto printed circuit boards with machine vision. 

CMS Laser’s PCB marking systems are automated solutions for electronics manufacturing companies. Systems are designed with machine vision for locating board fiducial markers to accurately mark areas on printed circuit boards. The Gen4 system is an industrial strength, SMEMA compliant, solution for marking on FR4 and solder mask substrates. Boards can be marked on both sides using an internal or external board flipping unit. For standalone systems, we offer external board destacker/stacker equipment. 

System Features:

  • Machine vision for locating board fiducial markings
  • Systems configured for standalone operation or SMT line integration
  • CO2 or UV laser sources available—based on applications lab testing results
  • Welded steel frame with aluminum paneling for long-lasting industrial use
  • PCB conveyor capable of carrying boards up to 20” x 18” in size
  • CDRH Class I laser workstation with emergency stop push button
  • Automatic board entrance/exit slots with safety interlocks
  • Ergonomic arm with 19” monitor, keyboard, and mouse or touchscreen display
  • CMS LaserGraf5 software with Windows® 10 64-bit operating system
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