Control Micro Systems

Robotic Laser Marking Systems

Designed to solve the toughest marking challenge by incorporating robotics for unique material handling operations. 

CMS Laser’s robotic marking systems are designed for maximum throughput and provide maximum repeatability in a manufacturing environment. Incorporate machine vision for verifying data, determine part orientation for positioning the marking location, and much more. Robots are the ultimate tool for handling material and performing unique processes with the benefits of reduced human errors and improving throughput. 

The laser source is chosen by CMS Laser’s applications lab through a free in-house sample testing study to determine the best laser and optics for the given material. CMS Laser’s engineers will work with you to develop the process and decide on additional components needed. 

System Features:

  • CDRH Class 1 enclosure with emergency stop push button
  • Laser source and CMS controller
  • Machine vision available
  • Software customization available
  • Monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • CMS HMI software with Windows® 10 64-bit operating system
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