Laser Marking Systems


Fiber Etching and Engraving Laser

Fiber Etching and Engraving Laser Scorpion™ is equipped with a variety of features that are ideal for integrators looking for a powerful marking laser for their process. Standalone capability allows for onboard storage of the laser marking programs without the need for a PC on the shop floor or production line. Operators and programmers can easily control and select marking programs using the included handheld pendant. Scorpion can be networked, allowing engineers and programmers to update the onboard marking programs from anywhere on the factory floor. Our proprietary beam steering technology provides high precision and repeatability for demanding, high-volume applications. Scorpion™ uses the latest in fiber laser technology, features a 3 year warranty, and is air-cooled and maintenance free. Programming with our Scriba software enables you to easily create and mark text, barcodes, serial and date codes, graphics and more.

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