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For over five decades, Innotech Laser has established itself as a reliable pioneer within the laser marking, etching, cutting, and engraving sector. Our unparalleled proficiency has consistently yielded exceptional outcomes. Serving the entire expanse of Washington, including the whole Spokane DMA vicinity and neighboring regions, brings us immense pride.

At Innotech Laser, we derive satisfaction from aiding businesses of diverse proportions with our dependable, top-notch, and efficient personalized printing and laser engraving provisions. Our unwavering commitment to flawlessness and eminence is prominently showcased through our exceptional client service. Our specialization encompasses laser etching, marking, cutting, and engraving, adeptly catering to your business requisites.

Our comprehensive array of laser engraving amenities caters to a variety of mark depths, and our proficiency extends to laser marking or etching on any chosen material. Regardless of the scale of your projects, whether modest or extensive, encompassing high-volume production, Innotech stands prepared to manage your complete laser engraving prerequisites. Furnishing you with extensive information on laser engraving is our dedicated endeavor, addressing any queries that might arise.

We offer engraving services for a wide range of materials, including:

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If you prefer to purchase your own laser marking system or equipment, we have a selection of top-quality laser machines available, including:

Universal Laser Systems
Tykma Electrox

Direct Color Systems
BOFA Fume Extractors

Discover more about the industries we work with and how we can assist you. We also offer laser etching, engraving, and marking services for businesses in other major areas of Washington, not just Spokane…

Laser marking, etching, and engraving are advanced techniques used to create precise and detailed markings on a variety of materials using laser technology. Here is some general information about these processes and their potential availability in Spokane.

Laser Marking: Laser marking involves using a focused laser beam to create permanent marks on the surface of a material. These marks can include text, logos, barcodes, serial numbers, and other identifiers. Laser marking is commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, electronics, automotive, and medical devices for traceability and branding purposes. It’s a non-contact process that doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the material being marked.

Laser Etching: Laser etching is a process that involves removing a thin layer of material from the surface using a laser beam. This creates a shallow indentation or groove on the material. Etching is often used for decorative purposes, creating intricate designs on items like glass, acrylic, wood, and metal. It’s also utilized in industrial applications for creating fine details on products.

Laser Engraving: Laser engraving involves removing material from the surface in a deeper manner compared to etching. This results in a more pronounced and durable engraving, suitable for personalization, signage, jewelry, and detailed artwork. Laser engraving can be done on a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, leather, and stone.

Inntoech offers all of these services in Spokane. So feel free to inquire about our capabilities, materials we work with, turnaround times, and pricing. And you can ask for samples of our previous work and ensure we can meet your specific needs.